1.099 - 02/10/2018

  • get_user can now accept the 'about' view, which will return an Account object of the user's account.
  • Added 'about' user contant
  • Added "delete" method to the Link class, which documentation already lyingly said was there
  • Internal: updated get_user and list_subreddits to use set_listing_defaults

1.098 - 11/27/2017

  • Added function remove in main methods.
  • Link and Comment objects have their own remove method too.
  • submit_link. submit_text and get_subreddit_comments can now accept the subreddit as sub as well as subreddit.

1.0972 - 11/02/2017

  • Added function edit in main methods.
  • Comments and Links now also have their own edit methods, which are the same but doesn't require a fullname as the first argument.
  • get_comment and get_link can now accept a short id as well as a fullname.
  • Comments and Links now have their own delete functions.
  • Fixed get_permalink in Comment, which was returning the wrong result if its parent was a comment rather than a post.
  • Added function get_permalink to Link.

1.0965 - 10/28/2017

get_modlinks has been updated to support all 5 categories of mod links, not just 'modqueue'.

1.096 - 10/27/2017

  • Added function get_modlinks.
  • Link and User classes now have properties user_reports and mod_reports. They are both array references; the difference is that mod_reports contains the name of the moderator who reported it. (Only if they are a moderator of the sub it's being reported in.) Despite being array references, they are formatted like an array of hashes. For example,

    [["First report", 1], ["Second report", 1]]

    The number is the number of times that report has appeared.

  • Account, Message, and SubReddit classes now have a type property like Links and Comments do. It corresponds to the types of things.

  • Functions that return listings are now more consistent, and all now recognize all of the listing variables, such as count, sr_detail, and only.
  • The Account class now has many more properties, nearly all that are returned by Reddit.

1.094 - 9/12/2017

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent passwords with special characters from authenticating (thanks jay.wilmarth@gmail.com).
  • Added function get_subreddit_info.

1.093 - 8/20/2017

  • Reverted a change from 1.0901 that would display the full content of request errors. Sometimes Reddit returns a full web page instead of just the JSON error data (usually on 503-type heavy traffic errors), which could cause problems for scripts not expecting it.
  • Full request errors can now be displayed by setting request_errors to true when creating a new Reddit::Client object.
  • Accidentally skipped two minor version numbers. This should have been 1.091. Woops.

1.0902 - 8/19/2017

  • Fixed a bug that would cause an warning message when using get_subreddit_comments
  • Removed the view argument from get_subreddit_comments as it did nothing.

1.0901 - 8/9/2017

  • Fixed a bug that would cause an error message if Reddit's response was empty on a successful request.
  • Reddit::Client can now handle PUT and DELETE requests, which was required for the new functions.
  • Request errors now include the body of Reddit's response. This is usually a small glob of JSON.
  • Added the create_multi, delete_multi, edit_multi and get_multi functions.

1.086 - 7/3/2017

Added the repost parameter to submit_link.

1.085 - 7/2/2017

Fixed bug in submit_text and submit_link functions that was causing the inbox_replies flag to be ignored if false.

1.084 - 1/22/2017

Added the comment function.

1.083 - 1/21/2017

Added the edit_wiki function.

1.082 - September 2016

Added a patch for Perl 5.22, which would cause warning messages when using the info() function.


Added get_flair_options, set_post_flair and set_user_flair to the main methods.


Added subreddit_type and public_traffic to SubReddit.


Fixed bug that caused Comment->reply() to reply to the parent instead of the comment.


token_request was incorrectly passing the user agent string to LWP, which was causing an error with new versions of LWP.


The get_permalink method of Comment no longer makes a request, making it safe to use as much as you'd like.

The main Reddit::Client class's get_permalink method still makes a request, although now it can take either an ID or fullname for the comment and post.


  • added get_user function
  • Links and Comments now have a type property, a constant which is "t3" or "t1" repsectively.


  • find_subreddits now returns a list instead of a hash, bringing it in line with all other functions that returns lists of things.
  • find_subreddits now accepts a hash that can contain the usual list control variables: before, after and limit, along with a sort type that's unique to itself