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Reddit::Client::Comment Reddit::Client::VotableThing

A Reddit comment. A Comment object is generated by the get_subreddit_comments and get_comment methods of Reddit::Client.

A description of Comment's properties can be found here. Below is example data dumped from an actual Comment object.


Method Description
get_permalink Return a permalink for the comment.
reply(text) Reply to comment. Returns the fullname of the new comment.


Field Example
approved_by undef
author "earth-tone"
author_flair_css_class undef
author_flair_text undef
banned_by undef
body "test comment"
body_html "<div class=\"md\"><p>test comment</p>\n</div>"
created 1444097226
created_utc 1444068426
downs 0
edited 0
id "cvp5afk"
likes 1
link_id "t3_3ng7r5"
name "t1_cvp5afk"
num_reports undef
parent_id "t3_3ng7r5"
replies []
saved 0
score 1
subreddit "test"
subreddit_id "t5_2qh23"
type "t1"
ups 1