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Reddit::Client::Link Reddit::Client::VotableThing

A Reddit post. Link objects are generated by either the get_link or get_links methods of Reddit::Client.

A description of Link's properties can be found here. Below is example data dumped from an actual Link object.


Method Description
reply(text) Reply to post. Returns the fullname of the new comment.
comments Return list of Comment objects for that post.
hide Hide post
unhide Unhide post


Field Example
approved_by undef
author "earth-tone"
author_flair_css_class undef
author_flair_text undef
banned_by undef
clicked 0
created 1443968915
created_utc 1443965315
domain ""
downs 0
edited 0
hidden 0
id "3ng7r5"
is_self 0
likes 1
link_flair_css_class undef
link_flair_text undef
media undef
media_embed {}
name "t3_3ng7r5"
num_comments 1
num_reports undef
over_18 0
permalink "/r/test/comments/3ng7r5/test_link_post/"
saved 0
score 1
selftext ""
selftext_html undef
subreddit "test"
subreddit_id "t5_2qh23"
thumbnail ""
title "test link post"
type "t3"
ups 1
url ""