1.281 - 7/21/2018

^1 This function has actually existed for years, undocumented. It accepted only one argument, a 'permalink', and had no way of handling collapsed comments. (Those are the comments where, on the website, you see "load more comments" and have to click to load more. In the API, these take the form of an array of IDs, which you must expand with a second request, just like you are doing when you click "load more comments" on the website.)

1.27 - 6/17/2018

1.26 - 6/10/2018

1.244 - 5/9/2018

1.241 - 4/29/2018

1.23 - 4/16/2018

1.21 - ?

1.20 - 3/5/2018

"Web" type apps are now supported! This means that you can now write apps to be used by the public at large, not just "script" type apps, which require a username and password and are intended for personal use only.

Users can authorize a "web" type app to take actions on their behalf. This process will be familiar to you if you've ever used a non-official Android or iPhone app to interact with Reddit. The user is presented with a confirmation screen (from Reddit itself-- they give their password to Reddit, not you) where they can then click "accept" to give the app persmission to take actions on their behalf, for example make posts or read their inbox messages.

To use "web" type authentication, pass in the key refresh_token, which you have obtained by following Reddit's oauth setup guide: https://github.com/reddit-archive/reddit/wiki/OAuth2. There are plans to add a guide for that in the future, since it's slightly involved, but for now you're on your own.

Other changes this update:

1.10 - 2/25/2018

1.0991 - 2/23/2018

1.099 - 02/10/2018

1.098 - 11/27/2017

1.0972 - 11/02/2017

1.0965 - 10/28/2017

get_modlinks has been updated to support all 5 categories of mod links, not just 'modqueue'.

1.096 - 10/27/2017

1.094 - 9/12/2017

1.093 - 8/20/2017

1.0902 - 8/19/2017

1.0901 - 8/9/2017

1.086 - 7/3/2017

Added the repost parameter to submit_link.

1.085 - 7/2/2017

Fixed bug in submit_text and submit_link functions that was causing the inbox_replies flag to be ignored if false.

1.084 - 1/22/2017

Added the comment function.

1.083 - 1/21/2017

Added the edit_wiki function.

1.082 - September 2016

Added a patch for Perl 5.22, which would cause warning messages when using the info() function.


Added get_flair_options, set_post_flair and set_user_flair to the main methods.


Added subreddit_type and public_traffic to SubReddit.


Fixed bug that caused Comment->reply() to reply to the parent instead of the comment.


token_request was incorrectly passing the user agent string to LWP, which was causing an error with new versions of LWP.


The get_permalink method of Comment no longer makes a request, making it safe to use as much as you'd like.

The main Reddit::Client class's get_permalink method still makes a request, although now it can take either an ID or fullname for the comment and post.