The base class of all Reddit::Client Things. None of its methods are intended to be used directly.

new ( [ $reddit ,] [ \%source_data ] )

Create a new Thing. The first argument must be a Reddit::Client instance; the second must be a hash reference. Data from the hash reference will be mapped to the object's properties.

load_from_source_data ( \%source_data )

Populate the object with data from $source_data.

set_bool ( $field, $value)

Convert JSON's Boolean type to a 1 or 0. (Perl lacks booleans.)


Class Parent class
Reddit::Client::VotableThing Reddit::Client::Thing

Base class of things that can be voted on, i.e. comments and posts. Contains several methods that are common to posts and comments.

Method Description
vote(direction) Vote. Direction must be 1, 0, or -1 (0 to "unvote").
comment(text) Leave a comment. Returns the fullname of the new comment.
save Save thing
unsave Unsave thing