Reddit's API documentation:

Description of the API's return data:


Reddit's API is slightly inconsistent in its naming; "id" sometimes refers to a thing's short ID, and sometimes to its fullname (the combination of its prefix and id). To avoid confusion, this guide will always refer to things in the following way:

Term Description Example
fullname A thing's complete ID with prefix. The type of thing can be determined by the first two characters ("t1" for comment, "t3" for post, etc). t1_cvp5afk
id A thing's short ID without prefix. Seen in your address bar when viewing, for example, a post or comment. Useful for constructing URLs. 3npkj4


Methods that return lists of things can accept several optional parameters:

Parameter Type Description
limit integer How many things to return. Default 25, maximum 100. If limit is present but false, this is interpreted as "no limit" and the maximum is returned.
before fullname Return results that occur before fullname in the listing.
after fullname Return results that occur after fullname in the listing.
count integer Appears to be used by Reddit to number listings after the first page. Does not seem to have a use in the API.
only "links" or "comments" Return only links or comments.
show_all boolean Return items that would have been omitted, for example posts you have hidden, or were hidden because you are using the option to hide posts after you've upvoted/downvoted them. Default false.

Note that 'before' and 'after' mean before and after in the listing, not necessarily in time. It's best to think of Reddit as a database where new lines are constantly inserted at the top, because that's basically what it is.

Types of Thing

t1 Comment
t2 Account
t3 Link
t4 Message
t5 Subreddit
t6 Award
t8 PromoCampaign