Constant Value Description
DEFAULT_LIMIT 25 Default number of things
VIEW_HOT 'hot' "Hot" links feed
VIEW_NEW 'new' "New" links feed
VIEW_RISING 'rising' "Rising" links feed
VIEW_CONTROVERSIAL 'controversial' "Controversial" links feed
VIEW_TOP 'top' "Top" links feed
VIEW_DEFAULT VIEW_HOT Default feed if not specified (VIEW_HOT)
VOTE_UP 1 Upvote
VOTE_DOWN -1 Downvote
VOTE_NONE 0 Remove votes
SUBREDDITS_HOME '' Home page subreddits (what you would see if you logged in as this user and visited
SUBREDDITS_CONTRIB 'contributor' subs the current user is a contributor to
SUBREDDITS_MINE 'mine' subs the current user is subscribed to
SUBREDDIT_MOD 'moderator' Subs the current user moderates
SUBREDDITS_NEW 'new' new subs
SUBREDDITS_POPULAR 'popular' popular subs
MESSAGES_INBOX 'inbox' Inbox
MESSAGES_UNREAD 'unread' Unread messages
MESSAGES_SENT 'sent' Sent messages
MESSAGES_MESSAGES 'messages' All messages
MESSAGES_COMMENTREPLIES 'comments' Comment replies
MESSAGES_POSTREPLIES 'selfreply' Post replies
MESSAGES_MENTIONS 'mentions' Username mentions
USER_OVERVIEW 'overview' Default view; user's comments and submitted posts
USER_COMMENTS 'comments'
USER_SUBMITTED 'submitted'
USER_GILDED 'gilded'
USER_UPVOTED 'upvoted'
USER_DOWNVOTED 'downvoted'
USER_HIDDEN 'hidden'
USER_SAVED 'saved'
USER_ABOUT 'about'