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Reddit::Client::Message Reddit::Client::Thing

A thing that can appear in your inbox, i.e. a private message or a comment. Because not all Messages can be voted on (comments can but private messages can't), Message is not a VotableThing like a Link or Comment, but is rather just a Thing.

If it's a comment, it will have a field link_title that private messages lack; if it's a private message, it will have the fields new and was_comment, which comments lack.

Message has no methods of its own.


Constant Value
type t4


Field Example
author "test-username"
body "Test message body"
body_html "<!-- SC_OFF --><div class=\"md\"><p>Test message body</p>\n</div><!-- SC_ON -->"
context ""
created 1444468595
created_utc 1444439795
dest "earth-tone"
distinguished undef
first_message undef
first_message_name undef
id "48dcky"
name "t4_48dcky"
new 1
parent_id undef
replies ""
subject "Test private message"
subreddit undef
was_comment 0